Guna International is a leading name in the domain of lead generation and appointment setting services. Our core focus is to help clients increase sales pipelines and enhance revenues. We do this by identifying and closing any potential gaps between sales and marketing operations. We offer demand and lead generation services to all kinds of companies which include dynamic start-ups and mid-market companies.
Our mission is simple!! We help create growth opportunities for our B2B clients through a range of proven strategies and campaigns that can help generate revenues. The ability to generate B2B leads comes from factors like:
  • Our expertise in appointment setting which is done through highly skilled and successful lead management and nurturing professionals
  • Our targeted lead generation processes have the potential to secure more conversions with the right tele prospecting targets in order to help you sell more of your products and services.
  • We partner with you to better understand your products and services and then offer a compelling value proposition and demand creation strategy so that you are able to gain the attention of your target audience.

hat we do

We offer world class Inside sales and integrated marketing services to companies. Guna International is not like any other typical lead generation company, whose business model is making volume calls and pitching to anyone who picks the call. Instead, we focus only on key decision makers and penetrate the organization with systematic & targeted calling. We are committed to offering and maintaining working partnerships with each of our clients, so that they are able to manage and deliver successful sales and marketing programs.

ur approach

We create an effective and focused approach to manage & coordinate expectations. We work closely with each client to help establish a professional working relationship. This helps us better understand their business model, value proposition and the target audience. Accordingly, we implement a compelling inside sales and calling strategy. Our goal is to find ways to uncover important and valuable new prospects and develop a strong pipeline of sales opportunities.

ur Core Values

Being committed to what we can offer is an important value proposition for us. At Guna International, our core values have a direct impact on how we work, operate and deliver value to our clients and business partners. They are also a part of our core principles and run deep in our DNA so that what we offer is quality and is meaningful to both you and your business. We believe in honesty, integrity, transparency along with excellence in what we can deliver. Our ultimate goal is to be the best appointment setting and demand generation company, that would help your sales teams with high-quality sales leads and consistent defined pipelines.

ompany History

Guna International started its operations in 2006. It all began with a vision to reduce cost of inside sales for mid-market companies, and at the same time help them grow through innovative inside sales campaigns. Since 2006, Guna International has executed over 1500 demand generation campaigns and managed over 600 unique appointment setting programs. Today, we can help improve sales pipeline which means greater business opportunities and substantial return on investments for our customers. Our customers benefit from improved financial performance, increased predictability in their results, and greater focus on closing revenue for their core business.